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How To Play Guitar

If you’ll type in Google the phrase “learn how to play guitar”, you’ll find thousands of pages offering guitar videos, chords and other bits of information for the beginning guitar player.

People want to learn how to play guitar, and they want to learn it fast. They want to know how to play their favorite songs without putting in too much effort. That’s the general atmosphere of our “guitar-hero” era. And you know what? I can truly relate.

But let me tell you a fact or two about “easy” acoustic guitar lessons, and maybe you’ll learn what you should avoid…

Hello, I’m George, …

… and I have been playing guitar for many years now. Nowadays, many people turn to the web to learn how to play guitar. Sadly, I find that the majority of the guitar knowledge on the web is not comprehensive enough.

When I say not comprehensive I mean really lacking some basic methodical understanding and I will be surprised if any of the people studying guitar via the Internet ever grow to be worthy guitar players.

The reason I even searched on Internet for this kind of knowledge is because when I was a student I left the country and I wanted to find a worthy guitar course in English, so I can continue working on my skills without my teacher’s help.

As you may have noticed, I had many doubts this will work. Surprisingly enough, some courses proved me wrong… Check the ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS section for this.

Yes, it costs money, but… I’ll say it straight, the best way of learning acoustic guitar is taking acoustic guitar lessons with a professional private tutor. The biggest problem with a private tutor is the cost, which is obviously high. And the second problem is availability, which means you won’t necessarily find a good tutor in your vicinity (something that happened to me as a student when I moved out of the country).

Anyway… I hope you’ll make the right choice … good luck! As Always, George. 🙂