Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Review • [ Update ] • The oldest online guitar lessons website

Guitar Tricks ReviewGuitarTricks is the oldest online guitar lessons website celebrating it’s 20th anniversary not that long ago. They have over 45 different instructions covering just about every style, technique and genre you can think of.

They’re an upfront and honest online guitar lessons provider that keeps their prices low (only $19.95 a month for unlimited access) and doesn’t try to woo you with bells and whistles that you probably won’t use to learn guitar anyways.

NEW: Guitar Tricks is currently offering a 14 Day Free Trial promotion. You can test drive their entire site for 2 weeks for nothing. Sign up here.

The corner stone of the Guitar Tricks site is there lesson system. Click here to see everything they teach and cover. They’ve grouped topics together into similar categories so it’s each for you to follow.

Guitar Tricks Review

Are you a beginner? No problem Guitar Tricks has two Guitar Fundamentals courses #1 and #2. After completing these you’ll be ready to move onto blues, country or rock lessons. Already have the basics down? Then jump right into their intermediate genre specific, skills and song lessons.

Practice Tools

The most important practice feature I feel for any online guitar lessons program or DVD course is jam along tracks. This full band tracks let you play along with other musicians and practice your skills without leaving the comfort of your home.

Guitar Tricks JamStation is pre-loaded with over 1200 backing tracks for a variety of styles. You can play these as often as you like and jam out til your hearts content.

Other features of the Guitar ToolBox are:

  • Ultimate Chord Finder
  • Ultimate Metronome
  • Online Tuner
  • And more.

While I’m not a huge fan of rating a guitar lessons website based on the bonus features or tools they offer, Guitar Tricks offers just the right amount of useful items for beginners and then stops there.

Lesson Quality

All of the lesson I’ve watched at Guitar Tricks have been filmed in or near HD quality, using close up shops when needed to demonstrate correct technique on the left and right hands.

Of the instructors I’ve seen all are very knowledgeable and I found the lessons moved along at an adequate pace for the majority of learners.

One thing I didn’t see much of was split screen video where they have different cameras on the left and right hands at the same time. In reality I don’t know how useful that is since you can only watch one screen at a time, and if the teacher is doing their job they’re showing you exactly what you need to know at the right time.

Let’s face it, a private instructor if you were taking face-to-face lesson doesn’t use split screen technology, they show you one hand at a time, if it works in one-on-one lessons I think it’s good enough for online videos too.

Who Should Join Guitar Tricks?

If you’re a beginner then definitely Guitar Tricks has a ton of great content for you. Just check out the fundamentals 1 and fundamentals 2 courses. They’ve kept their site easy to navigate so you don’t need to be a tech head to know how to get around.

The price of $19.95 a month is less then what one private lesson would cost and you get unlimited access for the entire month. Currently Guitar Tricks is offering a limited time 14 Day Free Trial promotion where you can test drive all of their lessons for free, you can sign up here. I think this is the best value out there for online lessons.

NOTE: Guitar Tricks gives you access to 24 free lessons to sample before you decide to join as a paid member. All you have to do is sign-up as a free member here and you’ll be given instant access to those lessons. Right now you can get full access for 14 days to their entire library of lessons, learn more here.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

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