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Infinite Guitar ReviewInfinite Guitar Review : I have acquired, tested, rated, and compared side-by-side the top online, DVD, and online guitar courses/lessons. If you’re trying to decide which guitar lessons are most worth your time and money, this site is for you.

I hope that the information provided here can help you find the best online guitar lessons to fit your budget and goals.

If you really want to learn to play guitar then Infinite Guitar can be one of your best bet.

I’ve gone through many of the guitar guides that are out there and none of them can stack up to Infinite Guitar – This course is in a class of its own. Whatever your current guitar playing skills are, rest assured that Infinite Guitar will benefit you tremendously.

With Infinite Guitar, you get it all: tutorials, song tutorials, guitar studies, backing tracks, instructors, articles, , and much, much, more — Truly a complete guitar lesson site!

Infinite Guitar Official Website

What is Infinite Guitar?

Infinite Guitar Review

Infinite Guitar is a membership based website with thousands of video guitar lessons in rock, blues, country, jazz and acoustic styles. It also features some unique features that many guitarists will love.

On further investigation it reveals some rather unique features that had us hooked. As anybody can see from the free guitar lessons on offer the standard of tuition is excellent and the video quality first rate.

The video player is very well designed and had a full screen mode which really shows off the video quality. It becomes obvious that the team behind Infinite guitar take this part of the production process very seriously.

However good quality video is fairly common now as the level of competition is so high, so Infinite guitar really had to offer something more to really impress us.

So what else do you get for your money?

So lets get the basics out of the way first. What will you get for you monthly membership fee of $12.00 ( you can get cheaper rates if you join quarterly or yearly)? Infinite Guitar features the following.

  • thousands of video lessons with new lessons added weekly
  • In-depth Tutorials
  • Original Song Tutorials
  • Professional Instructors
  • Backing Tracks
  • Direct Instructor Contacts
  • Lesson Bookmarking
  • All styles, all difficulty levels
  • Chord Finder software
  • Private Members Forum
  • Full Screen capability
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

So you definitely get value for money here but its some of the more unique features that had me excited about this website. Firstly the search facility is quite interesting and although it took me a little while to get use to using it, it proved a useful tool in navigating the thousands of lessons. The options to drill down into lessons via style, difficulty, instructor and focus saved me a lot of time.

The chord finder is a bit of a revelation as well and rather than the produce some dodgy sounding synth sounds it uses proper guitar samples in both a clean and distorted tone. I was really surprised at how much time I spent using this great little tool as it was so much fun.

Probably the most impressive option is the interaction between the instructors and students. To highlight a particular example one student was getting a lot of noise on the open E string on the chorus of AC/DC’s “Back In Black”.

After posting this problem to one of the instructors via the forum, the instructor, Mike Edwin specially recorded a lesson to correct that very issue. The palm and finger muting examples he gave were well presented and a great edition to the website as I’m sure many other beginners had a similar problem.

This kind of interaction is rare to be honest and is probably were Infinite Guitar will carve out a little niche of its own. I can see members staying loyal to this site for a long time as they forge relationships with the instructors. The instructors whilst not celebrities are of a very high technical standard and you always feel like you are getting first rate instruction.


Infinite Guitar gets my recommendation and as a membership site which keeps growing there’s plenty to keep most guitar players occupied for a long time.

Best Features:

  • Well produced Video Lessons
  • Unique interaction between instructors and students via video
  • Full tablature
  • Good Forum
  • Lots of playing styles including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal and Acoustic.

This website will improve your:

  • Ability to play a wide range of guitar techniques and songs.
  • Acoustic and electric rhythm & lead playing

Infinite Guitar Official Website

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