Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons – The Best Online Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners

The Best Online Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners? The guitar is one of those things that can bring a lot of happiness to someone who understands how to play it. Sometimes it can get discouraging because it does require plenty of dedication to practice to become good.

Online Guitar Lessons

Jamplay Review | Guitar Tricks Review | Infinite Guitar Review

However, with the right online guitar lessons for beginners you’ll be playing the guitar like you never thought you could! So … what is my message to you: the best and easiest way to learn guitar, without pouring heaps of money, is to find a structured course that takes you through all the necessary steps.

Yes, you can learn a few songs and get it over with. Many people do just that. But is that the reason you bought your guitar in the first place?  Is that the only thing you want to achieve? So when you’re starting acoustic guitar lessons – do it properly. Don’t believe in shortcuts! 🙂

The Top Guitar Lessons Sites For

After leaving the country I tried online guitar courses applying as a member. There are some that are way better than others and many of them are specialized in a certain guitar such as acoustic or electric.

I selected some reviews bellow to help you choose between the best online guitar lesson sites providing you with both pros and cons for each one of them.

The key is to ensure that you choose the right program for you and also to guarantee you’ll be getting the full training at the best price. The ultimate goal is for you to be able to become a skilled guitarist and accomplish your dream to play the guitar as a pro.

These Are The Best Places Online To Master Guitar ( I Am A Member)

  1. Jamplay (Read my review);
  2. Guitar Tricks (Read my review and join for free);
  3. Infinite Guitar (Read my review);

Quick Reviews

Jamplay ★★★★★

Jamplay’s lessons will walk you through every step of the process, from tuning your guitar and reading tabs, the whole way through playing advanced styles of jazz, bluegrass, rock and more.

1. Library of over 5,000 HD videos to play;

2. 80+ teachers. Never limited to one teacher

3. They are constantly producing new lessons;

4. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial (NO credit card required);

5. Pricing: $19.95/month | $159.95 Yearly. (you have a 30 day refund)

>> Click Here To Check Out Jamplay <<

Guitar Tricks ★★★★★

1. Library of over 11,000 lessons;

2. One of the most affordable guitar lessons website

3. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial;

4. You have a 60 day money back guarantee;

5. Pricing: Free Membership | $19.95/month.

>> Click Here To Get 14 Days Free At Guitar Tricks <<

Infinite Guitar ★★★★★

1. Over 2,290 guitar lessons;

2. Downloadable backing tracks;

3. You can sign up for a free account;

4. They only offer a 3 day money back guarantee;

5. Pricing: Free Membership | $12.00/month | $32.00 Quarterly | $109.00 Yearly.

>> Click Here To Check Out Infinite Guitar <<


Learning How To Play Guitar | Fun & Frustration

At some time in your life I’m sure you’ve tried to play a musical instrument. Most of us have. However, there has never been a more popular instrument than the guitar. Why is this? I’ve heard lots of reasons.

But, my favorite is a quote from Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour “”when you strum a guitar you have everything. Bass, rhythm and melody”. The guitar is just an awesome instrument. It’s like having a band in a case. I’m sure this is one of the reasons it’s so popular?

With the guitar’s popularity there comes one problem. So many people are trying to learn. Now, this isn’t a problem. The problem is most want to learn how to play guitar yesterday and start a band tomorrow! Ha! Don’t we all wish it was that easy? So, what makes the guitar so difficult to learn at first? Let’s take a look:

Finger Pain

I would have to say the most common issue I hear from beginner guitarist is they can’t stand the pain in their finger tips and wrist. Yup, I’d say this is the number one reason people quit too soon. The thing is this pain is very temporary. If you played the guitar everyday for 15 minutes?

The pain would slowly start to go away after a couple of weeks. Then…. it’s gone! No more pain. This is because your fingertips have developed calluses and your wrist has developed the proper muscles that have hardly been used before.

Switching Chords

Many if not all beginner guitarist tend to be able to play chords quite quickly after practicing for just a short time. Yes, I know there is a little bit of a learning curve within the first few days. After all it is quite a challenge to keep your fingers from hitting and muting strings that aren’t supposed to.

The real struggle comes with learning to switch those chords smoothly so that it is a seamless transition into the next chords. This is where the real frustration begins. This little trick can take some time. That’s the thing…. Most feel they don’t have time to learn the guitar. If they only knew this to was temporary.

Learning The Guitar In Conclusion

To me, perfecting the above is all it really takes to keep playing the guitar without quitting. If you can learn about 7 chords and about 3 universal strums? Well, you’re well on your way to having a blast!

There are many sites out there to learn how to play guitar. However, there are also sites that don’t really set you in the best direction. So, do a search and check out all the lessons you can to take online guitar lessons.

A great place to start is: Jamplay, Guitar Tricks or Infinite Guitar. You can get free & paid resources and lessons.

You Can Play Guitar Like a Pro, All You Need is the Right Start!